Mohamed Ali Merchaoui

Dr. Mohamed Ali is an executive-level for Halal Product Development Company (HPDC) appointed as Managing Director to oversee the Halal Product Advisory (HPA), the company’s advisory arm.
A food security expert with decades of strategic leadership in the Halal food industry, Dr. Mohamed has previously held executive roles in Emirates Business Group’s Food Division, Al Hashimiya Group, Americana, the Islamic Organization of Food Security (IOFS) and DMCC. In addition to overseeing the ‘Halal Corridor’ project for DIEDC, Dr. Mohamed has helped develop national Halal strategies for Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. He has also worked as an editor on numerous reports detailing the global Halal economy such as the annual State of the Global Islamic Economy Report (2020, 2021, 2022), the Indonesia Halal Economy Report (2021), OIC Halal Report (2022) and the Nigeria Halal Report (2023).
Dr. Mohamed received his Ph.D. from Bordeaux and Lille University in France. He is speaker and has delivered keynote speeches at industry related conferences including the MENA Food Security Digi-Conference, Future Technologies for Agriculture 4.0, the Future Food Forum 2022, the World Future Energy Summit 2023 and the World Halal Summit 2022 in Istanbul.