Perry Warjiyo

Perry Warjiyo is the incumbent Bank Indonesia Governor for the 2018-2023 period. Prior to his appointment as Bank Indonesia Governor, Perry Warjiyo served as Bl Deputy Governor from 2013-2018.

Perry Warjiyo also held the position of Assistant Governor for Monetary, Macroprudential and International Policy after serving as Executive Director of the Economic Research and Monetary Policy Department of Bank Indonesia.

Before returning to Bank Indonesia in 2009, Perry Warjiyo was assigned as Executive Director for two years in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), representing 13 member countries under the auspices of the Southeast Asia Voting Group from 2007-2009. Perry Warjiyo has enjoyed a long and brilliant career at Bank Indonesia since 1 984, with a focus on economic research and monetary policy, international issues, organisational transformation and monetary policy strategy, central banking education and research, foreign exchange and external debt management, as well as the Office of the Governor.

His passion for knowledge has fuelled his love of writing, having published several books, journals and papers on economics, the monetary sector and international issues.