Sarah Hosni

Sarah Hosni, Managing Director & CEO of alBaraka Capital for Islamic Finance & Investment, is a seasoned regional expert with over 20 years of experience in capital markets and a particular focus on equity and debt capital markets 

A strategic thinker with a potent blend of corporate finance and Investment Banking excellent in high-profile roles with organizations including Nasdaq Dubai, The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), The Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA), and Misr International Bank (currently QNB). In addition, multiple corporate board seats of reputable institutions like Zaldi Holding for Financial Investments, Sarwa Sukuk Co, Sarwa Securitization, and Sarwa for Asset Management; bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the local market of Islamic finance.  

Hosni has been elected as Executive Director of the Fixed Income Association in Egypt from 2019 to 2022.  

With a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the School of Economics & Business in Vienna, Austria, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, Egypt), and a Capital Markets Diploma from the American University in Cairo; Hosni strongly advocates for women in finance and leadership roles, promoting tangible opportunities to support gender diversity and inclusion in the corporate world.